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Exporters and suppliers of coir Sheet based in Kerala

Biuy coir sheet online
Biuy coir sheet online


Exporter and suppliers of coir sheet based in Kerala

Coir sheet

You can wake up refreshed and healthy the next morning with a coir mattress that provides a
good night’s sleep for you. As rubberized coir sheets are made from coir sheets, they provide
uniform density and extra cushioning. With the use of advanced techniques and expensive
resources, coir sheets are made from natural materials.


What is a Coir Sheet?

A coir mattress is nothing more than a mattress made of dense coconut fibers. Coco coir is a
natural unused product of coconut trees ( Cocos nucifera ). It is extracted from the seeds of the
coconut palm ( Cocos nucifera ). For a country like India, whose major region experiences hot
weather for nearly eight months out of the year, coir mattresses have proven to be among the
best mattresses.

Natural and eco-friendly fiber:- Coconut fibers are used to make coir mattresses, which are
completely eco-friendly.
Dust and dirt resistance: Coconut coir is naturally dust and mite-resistant. As well as being
anti-allergic and antibacterial, it also has anti-aging properties.
Springy Nature – Humans should only sleep on mattresses that are medium-firm and slightly
springy. This is the sole purpose of the coir mattresses.
Excellent for back support – Coir mattresses are recommended for good bone development
due to their excellent spine and back support. These products are therefore ideal for those who
have young children whose bones are still developing.
Cost-effective – They become the people’s top choice as a result. Coir mattresses are
significantly less expensive than latex and foam mattresses.
Durable – Mattresses made from coir are generally made from natural coir and may contain a
mix of coir and foam. The result is that they are stronger, longer-lasting, and more durable.
Furthermore, we also supply mattresses, ropes, and mats made from Coir, which are
often used for various purposes.


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